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The small community of Amaru is home to about 160 families. The principle language spoken is Quechua although most people speak a little Spanish. The main source of income is from agriculture (potatoes, corn, beans, etc). There are also several weaving cooperatives that produce high quality hand-woven textiles using natural dyes. However they have no direct outlet for their work and have to sell their products to stall owners in Pisac market who rarely pay a fair price. Many men also work as porters on the Inca Trail.

The village of Amaru is located high up in the Andes at an altitude of 3800m. It is a 45 minute drive north from Pisac along a narrow track that winds up into the mountains. The village has a pleasant microclimate sheltered from cold winds with plenty of sun allowing a wide variety of crops and wild flowers to grow. Hummingbirds can often be seen. The community has formed an Association for Rural Tourism and offer a warm and inviting welcome to visitors who are adventurous and interested in learning about the culture and traditions of this community.
Visitors must also be willing to leave behind a few luxuries such as hot showers for a day or so!!



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