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A Guide to the Culture and Traditions of the Andean Communities of Peru



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Gallery > Villages / Communities: Chinchero Weaving Cooperative

Chinchero has a great traditional market on Sunday mornings from 9am till about 1pm. The market sells local produce, fruit and vegetables, pot and pans. There is also a large handicraft section. Unlike more commercial markets such as Pisac most of the textiles that are on sale are made in Chinchero. Many of the small stall owners have actually produced the items that they are selling. Buying handicrafts at this market is a great way on ensuring your money goes directly to the person who made the item. There is also a handicraft market in the Main Square in front of the church every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon from about 3pm to 5:30pm. You can also see weaving displays and watch the process of dyeing the wool using natural dyes.


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