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Traditions of Peru > Witches market in Cusco


Witches Market in Cusco

These photos were taken in the San Francisco Plaza in Cusco on Good Friday 2007. Every year on this date there is a fair with many small stalls selling natural medicines and "do-it-yourself" potions ! (photos taken 06 April 2007)
The photos below were taken of the "witches market" inside the San Pedro market in Cusco. I did ask permission before taking the photos so not to incur bad luck. I also bought a despacho (an offering to be made to Pachamama, or Mother Earth). Most of the potions are either perfumes, soaps or aromatic incense aimed at attracting a partner, making money, or improving your virility! Names on the packets include "Money Magnet", "Come To Me, Come To Me", "Love Me, Love Me", "Attract Clients Powder", etc etc. You'll also notice several dried llama foetuses hanging up. These are used as an offering to Pachamama. It is traditional to bury a llama foetus in the foundations of your new house. 




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